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Sakura Festival Teamwork Success

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

By now you must have heard about the upcoming Sakura International Festival (4/23), right? Well last Sunday the planning committee, booth leaders and additional volunteers met to decorate the sanctuary with the flags of the countries represented. We also setup chairs and tables in preparation for this annual event.

Juniors and Youth Hang Event Banner

Everyone pitched in from hanging the event banner in the driveway, to ironing flags, decorating the sanctuary and setting up booths. What was the best part? The great teamwork, everyone asking how they can help. You can feel the buzz in the air because everyone is excited to see old friends, make new acquaintances over exotic cuisine from many countries. Check out the menu here.

Uncle John helped reassemble a booth frame for the Hawaiian Musubi booth!

Below our team members prepared the signage and allergy labels for booths, so don't worry, everyone will be able to find something good to eat!

Above, hard working committee members decorated the sanctuary with flags representing all the booths selling food this weekend (4/23).

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