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Sakura International Festival (Friendship Through Food)

Updated: Mar 12

Are you a foodie? Do you love trying new types of food? Are you ready to be done with Covid and have a good time making new friends while enjoying great food?

If you answered, yes, to any of the prior questions, come out to the Sakura International Festival this year held at the Japanese Mountain View Seventh-day Adventist church. We're offering a wide variety of cultural dishes from around the world so bring the family and friends out on April 23rd, at 4pm.

This year our slogan is 'Friendship Through Food' emphasizing how food brings us all together and can help us bridge language, culture and unhealthy stereotypes. We're leveraging years of successful food events previously held at MVJSDA church.

Take a look at some of the beautiful and tasty food items from years past.

French Baked Delicacies:

A few of the special delicacies included:

- Vegan Florentine

- Gateau des rois

- Bird's Nest

- Vegan Tofu Cheese Cake

- Vegan Sweet Potato Cups

Healthy Vegetarian Sushi:

As Christians, health is very important to us. The Sushi booth has previously included such delicacies as:

- Unagi (using eggplant)

- Salmon (using carrots)

- Tuna (using red pepper)

- Ika (using Konnyaku)

- Avocado

- Cucumber

- Yama gobo

- Takuwan (Pickled Daikon)

This year's event comes in a lineage of great food events at MVJSDA. With Covid these event's couldn't be conducted so we're looking forward to getting back to normal. Check out some of the previous year event photos here.

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