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2021: May 9th, Mother's Day Gardening Event a Budding Success

On Mother's day our church held our first annual Mother's Day Gardening event sponsored by our new Garden Club ministry. Below is an overview of all the fun activities and a few pictures of the fun.

  1. Building an elevated garden bed (power tools included)

  2. Kids craft (decorating a small flower pot)

  3. Learning soil, irrigation and seeding techniques from Uncle Dan

  4. Transplanting vegetable starts into larger pots/garden beds

Below: Uncle Dan gives his walk through of growing from seed, soil amendments, and irrigation tools.

Below: Many hands assembling the elevated garden bed with the guidance of Carol and Carrol Wheeler (in town to visit Jonathan and Matea)

Below: Uncle Dan prepares vegetable starts for transplanting exercise.

Below: Jeremy learning how to transplant starter plants from aunt Mary.

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