Saturday-Evening Vespers

The June 5 version of the Santa Clara County health order permits small outdoor religious gatherings of up to 25 people. Although the church cannot open for indoor Saturday-morning services yet, the church is happy to welcome worshipers to gather in the church parking lot on Saturday evenings for a sunset worship service. The services will be at 6:00 pm.

In order to comply with the county-imposed size restrictions of the gathering, participants must sign up and receive a confirmation email that they can attend each Saturday evening's event. Please visit to sign up, and wait for a confirmation email before coming to the event.

When you arrive, please park along the side of the church or in the front parking lot of the church. Bring any supper  that you may have  packed (e.g., a bento box) and a lawn chair with you to the back parking lot. Sidewalk chalk will be used to create socially-distanced sitting regions in the parking lot where participants can sit down.

Per the Santa Clara County guidelines, guests must follow the following guidelines


  1.  That gathering must occur entirely outdoors, except that participants may use indoor restrooms.
  2. No more than 25 persons may be present at any one time.
  3. The participants must provide the church with their contact information. In the case that any of the participants tests positive for COVID-19, the church shall assist the County Public Health Department in any case investigation and contact tracing associated with the gathering.
  4. While guests can bring their own food and beverages, these food and beverages cannot be shared with other participations, except members of one's own household.
  5. No singing or shouting is allowed due to significantly increased risk of COVID-19 transmission.
  6. All participants must wear face coverings at all times (except while eating or drinking). Note that there are exceptions to this rule (e.g., specific health concerns, pursuant to the Health Officer's Critical Guidance on Face Coverings).
  7. Except for members of the same household or living unit, all participants must remain at least six feet from one another at all times.