COVID-19 resources

COVID-19 has many of our members staying at home and practicing social distancing. During this time, many members of our community have either suffered economic hardship, grappled with health concerns for a loved one, or restructured how their everyday life looks like now that children are no longer away at school all day.

In addition to our worship services, Bible studies, and prayer meetings, we are also providing several other resources to our members during these extraordinary times.


Wellness Calls


We have a team of church volunteers who are willing to call you on a periodic basis to check in with you and see how you're doing. If you want to join our team, or receive phone calls, contact

Resources for Families


Sabbath-school activities and other resources are listed here.

Click here for boredom-buster ideas for fun activities for you and your family.

Neighborhood Family Scavenger Hunt


If you want to join a group text for a fun daily activity, let us know! We're putting together a group chat, and every day, we'll list one item in your neighborhood for you and your family to try to find as you walk around and enjoy the fresh air. Contact to join.

Free-Grocery Drive Through


Our church is partnering with Fight the Hate and several other churches in the Bay Area to hold a Free-Grocery Drive Through on Thursday April 16 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm while supplies last. If you or someone you know needs food, you can drive through the church parking lot, stop your car outside the church's social hall, and pop your trunk. Please stay in your car—a church volunteer will place a bag in your trunk and close it, before you exit the parking lot.



Please click on our blog post here for more information!

ESL Meetup/Board Games


We are exploring ways to continue to hold our weekly Meetup meetings online. Contact if you are interested in volunteering as a native English speaker, or if you would like to join for an online board-game night.

Financial Coaching


If you have financial questions about what to do in the current COVID-19 pandemic, feel free to reach out to He or his wife can meet with you and discuss some options that you may have and help you navigate these extraordinary times.

Sharing your Talents

If you have some downtime and are feeling creative or artistic, you can make a recording of your family sharing some spiritual thought or some spiritual song. Record your family and email it to the church, and we will see what we can do to include it in an upcoming church service!

Other Resources