1 Samuel 25:6 (NIV) Say to him: 'Long life to you! Good health to you and your household! And good health to all that is yours!

With the unpresidented health concerns raised during the shelter-in-place experience here in the San Francisco bay area, some of our talented members are making common face masks (not N95 medical grade) for use by members and friends of the church. As always, it is Mountain View SDA church's burden to provide physical, mental, spiritual resources in the community. Below is a list of masks and patterns made by our members. If you sew please leverage these patterns as needed.



Examples of masks: Courtesy Mika Wren.


Sample Mask How-Tos


Typical Mask Materials Require:

  1. Cotton fabric for outer layers  (If you don't have any materials, men's shirt material works!)
  2. Non-Woven fabric for inner layer (Mika is using flannel fabric but it works better for 1 & 2 style)
  3. Elastic cord (1/4" or thinner would work) or shoelaces  (Mika is using Rat Tail Code)
  4. Scissors and Thread
  5. Sewing Machine (or no sewing Machine you can handsew!)

We've washed and dried masks in both gentle cycles and also air dried under the sun on the windowsill. To sign up to get a free mask, or to volunteer to create masks, please contact