Dan to Issho is a new YouTube video ministry that discussing gardening and cooking topics geared to promote healthful Christian living. You can think of it as as spiritually focused cross between Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood (friendly inquisitive host, Dan Myers) and a Japanese show known as Okasan to Issho (Japanese show teaching how to do things, literally translated as “Doing things together with Mother”).

The format of the show typically opens with Dan in his garden (or that of guest of the episode), where he explains how to grow a specific vegetable, herb, flower...etc. Then Dan and the guest how to cook the dish live while the guest cooks a dish using the garden vegetable for the episode (e.g. Corn in Corn Chowder Soup, Fava Bean in Fava Bean Soup...etc).

The current first episode (link below) is a detailed discussion with Dr. Marc Iwahashi about the health benefits of a plant-based diet followed by a cooking session with his wife Lisa Iwahashi where she prepares a delicious vegan corn chowder soup from scratch.

Watch the short 2 minute introduction below!